Full of Crepe

Kid Nougat travels to foreign lands to learn
how the French do snacking.

Greetings, Snack Fans! It is I, the one and only Kid Nougat, fresh from flying in from Paris, and boy are
my arms tired. (Seriously, where else but WASAW can you get jokes of this caliber for free?)

CHECK ME OUT! That’s me at Rodin’s Museum of Marvelous Munchies! Say, have you ever eaten an exact replica of "The Thinker" in white chocolate? YOU SHOULD.

Yo, these French people don’t have hot dog vendors. They’ve got something much much better – dudes who make chocolate crepes RIGHT OUT ON THE STREET!  Naturally, I quickly learned French for "Gimme seven chocolate crepes, and step on it." (Donnez-moi que le chocolat crepes dans une hâte.) Sure, the French hated me, but who cared? I HAD CHOCOLATE CREPES UP THE WAZOO! Nutritious? No. Delicious? Indeed.

Let’s talk about you. As a fan of our site, I’m sure you’re aware that my colleagues and I have never reviewed cheese and baguettes. So let me be the first…


Okay, review over.

I also had a chocolate bar called "chocolat au lait," which was basically a French Hershey Bar. Click HERE if you can read French and want to know a little something about it. It’s a link to the company that produces the bar.

Au revoir! Casse-croûte sur!

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