Ah, the snack parade...

A celebration of sugar delight. Hats off to the creation of a well made morsel of magic.
Because when there's not much to cheer in the world, line up and salute your favorite candy or beverage.

Here now... three commercials that do just that.


(Editor's Note: All that work to create the perfect bottle and a dude who hasn't
showered in a week is going to swig it down in seconds.)


(Editor's Note: Is this Hershey's paying homage to Coke's spot?
Same storyline, different treat. And in both cases, the star meets a gruesome ending.)

(Editor's Note: Leave it to the old-school Brits to create the same parade atmosphere as Coke,
but with actual humans in costumes rather than computer-generated characters.)


Fun fact:  Hidden from view in these Coca-Cola, Hershey's and Cadbury Wispa commercials are extremely excited dentists handing out business cards to parade-goers.

Fun fact:  94% of men polled said they'd love to have a box of those fuzzy, all-lips creatures from the Coke TV spot (:32) for "recreational activities." The other 6% were within earshot of their wives when polled and awkwardly changed the topic to baseball.  

Fun fact:  RC Cola also planned to run a TV spot featuring a parade, but focus groups rejected the commercial, pointing out that "two old guys and a chipmunk wearing a fanny pack do not a parade make."

Fun fact:  The boy who eagerly hands his mother the Hershey Kiss at the end of commercial #2 without looking the least bit tempted by the huge bowl of chocolate in front of him is actually a robot designed by the same inventor who created Ricky Schroeder.

Fun fact:  Cadbury discontinued Wispa in 2003 until a huge Internet support campaign brought it back in 2007. (Hence, the commercial at left.) The Internet, however, was unable to save Cadbury's ill-fated "Butter Brickle Salad in a Box".

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